There is an unconfirmed reports circulating the country that President Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Thuthukile Zuma is being accused of theft and corruption.

According to the report, the President’s daughter allegedly hired thugs to stop certain ANC Youth League members from attending a meeting scheduled for the election of new leaders for the Youth League’s Bheki Mkhize branch in Northcliff, Johannesburg.

She was subsequently voted in as the secretary of the branch to the displeasure of many of the Youth League members.

An anonymous insider within the ANYL said: “She stole the branch. Thuthu has been trying to get her hands on that branch and she finally did it.”

Another ANC Youth League member reportedly said: “We know she is being positioned in order to facilitate a pronouncement for her mum as the next ANC president from both the region and the province.”

On several occasions she declared her support for her mum’s ambition to become the next leader of South Africa on several platforms.

One of such cases was when she posted – 2017: sikolento yeDoek [we’re in this thing of the Doek] Revolution. #NDZ [Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma] – as shown below:

However, back in 2014, it emerged that Thuthukile Zuma was promoted from public liaison officer to chief of staff to the ministry of telecommunications and postal services regardless of the fact that she doesn’t have the recommended experience for the job.

Many South Africans were pissed about her bagging the promotion just within two months, others were dissatisfied the promotion positioned her to earn almost R1 million a year.