Is this the end of Zuma dynasty? President Jacob Zuma has 783 charges against him. Some South Africans are alleging that the State has been captured by the rich and controversial Gupta family.

Some are calling for his resignation, while others are calling for his arrest and prosecution when he resigns so that he will face the charges against him.

But recent media reports have it that the president is making moves to relocate to Dubai and flee SA citing fear of what might happen if he is no longer in power.

A Dubai International passport alleged to belong to Pres. Zuma has gone viral on the internet.

We have not confirmed the authenticity of the post but the passport bears President Zuma’s details and pictures.

With the heavy suspicion of  vast amounts of dirty money  already been moved to Dubai, amidst other suffocating criminal credentials around his sleeves,  the pres. might well know that SA may not be a safe place for him when he resigns.

Julius Malema did reveal how Zuma and the Guptas looted R6 billion to Dubai as a backup plan for the president when he resigns.

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