SA apartheid regime made laws that ensured that many rights of black South Africans were denied. The minority white-led government of National Party made laws that racially divided people and kept them apart. Blacks were refused to stay in certain areas, they have to have some kind of special permits to live and work in certain areas, they couldn’t own land in white areas and it was a taboo for people of different races to marry each other.

Then African National Congress (ANC) emerged. Many fights were fought and many killings happened. Eventually, apartheid was crushed. Democracy emerged and ANC was proclaimed the saviour.

But here’s something you don’t know about SA apartheid regime and the ANC agitation against the apartheid guys: “ANC killed more black people in its camps and in the townships than it did any police or army forces of the murderous apartheid regime.”

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) shared the sentiment while it was praising South Africans for coming out in mass to protests against Pres. Zuma.

The Fighters expressed that they are proud of all South Africans who came out to protest against Zuma’s presidency.

“We express great pride for all who braved the threats of the ANC hooligans, as well as those of government policy that attempted to silence the people.

“The marches must be seen as a statement and vote of no confidence in Jacob Zuma as a president. They demonstrate that no amount of violence and threats can subdue the people’s power in unity,” EFF stated.

Thereafter, EFF condemned members of the ANC for violating South Africans right to protest.

EFF said:

“We are not shocked by the violence that ANC hooligans displayed…because ANC harbour bloodthirsty hooligans who like violence against innocent people.

They are able to do this because even when in exile, ANC people were always prepared to kill each other instead of unleashing war on the enemies of the revolution.

It is a fact that the ANC killed more black people in its camps and in the townships than it did any police or army forces of the murderous apartheid regime.”

EFF also rebuked the South African police Service (SAPS) for failing to arrest “ANC hooligans” who were assaulting protesting South Africans.

“The SAPS was prepared to suppress marches that were properly applied for, yet they allowed the ANC to gather without going through the necessary public gatherings application processes.

“This is proof that SAPS is used politically to defend and promote ANC hooliganism,” EFF asserted.

The Fighters urged ANC to place the interests of South Africa first, and help South Africa do away with President Zuma.

“We call on them to reclaim the legacy that has made them a liberation movement of the people and never choose an individual over the country.”