Former Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela isn’t free to move about like most of us. Her life is threatened, she’s constantly watching her back and practically living in fear after the release of the State Capture Report.

Madonsela has upgraded her security details. She also restricted her movement following a tip-off she received from a trusted informant who divulged a plot to assassinate her.

The informant is a known police officer. He reportedly warned Madonsela that a well-known Western Cape gang boss had been paid to do away with her.

The Western Cape gang boss was allegedly paid R740,000 to eliminate her. As such, a plot was sketched for three hitmen to kill Madonsela.

It was planned that the hit will happen like a car accident in order to avoid the intuition that she was murdered.

According to Madonsela, she was getting set to go to the International Jazz Festival in Cape Town when she received a message from an informant who warned her to watch her back, that her life is as stake.

The informant thereafter, reported the threat to Madonsela’s life to the Western Cape Community Safety MEC – Dan Plato.

Plato confirmed this and related that the informant handed the available information on the issue to him.

The big question is – who wants Madonsela dead? The answer isn’t far-fetched if you regard the atrocious corrupt incidents exposed in the recently released State Capture Report.

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