Many electorates might just be swept off their feet by the strong wind of political shock and disbelieve. There is a silent political strategy adopted by the ruling party to continue it’s grip on power at the center.

Some members of a faction of the ANC are of the opinion that the ex-wife of the incumbent president may not have the political clout and public acceptance as the next president, considering the family name Zuma.

Speaking to on the condition of anonymity, a prominent ANC a stalwart  argued that public survey of opinion conducted, suggests the country will not tolerate another Zuma at the presidency.

Hence, the choice of the speaker who he recalled has made tremendous sacrifices for the party and country and will be an acceptable choice. The group insinuated that a lot of effort is ongoing to ensure the speaker emerges as the ANC  flag bearer at all cost by the end of the year. They further reiterated that Mbete’s chances are brighter than that of Dlamini-Zuma.