As nuclear and ambition continue to occupy the front burner of public national discourse, about whose interest this would serve. New Energy Minister Mmamoloko Kobayi says she’s prepared to open the nuclear debate to the public if necessary, to clear the air over government’s nuclear energy plans.

Kubayi briefed Parliament’s portfolio committee on energy on Monday.

Mmamoloko Kubayi says the country has to face the possibility of being short of electricity within the next three to four years.

But she’s rubbished reports that government is planning to spend R1 trillion on nuclear procurement.

Kubayi says she is baffled by public discourse on nuclear energy.

“Why should one be pro-renewable anti-nuclear? How did we get to this point as a country? It’s a concern.”

Kubayi has also made it clear that she won’t be dragged into matters related to nuclear procurement.