Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, has undertaken to immediately arrest President Jacob Zuma if his party is ever voted into power.

He was addressing University of Venda students in Limpopo over the #FeesMustFall. Malema says that Pres. Zuma is running SA as if SA is his business.

He took many swipes at  Zuma and his administration.

“When arrested, we will then take him to Kgosi Mampuru Prison in Pretoria. He will stay with Oscar Pistorius and after that we will convert Nkandla into a college education so that our children can receive education from there because it was built out of our money, so we can do anything we want with it.”

Malema says lack of political leadership is hindering the country’s ability to compete economically with other African countries.

“Why there is no leadership? Zuma does not have a plan; the ANC (African National Congress) does not have a plan. The plan of the ANC is Zuma. Zuma does not have a plan for South Africa,” he bemoans.

Malema says that if voted into power, the EFF will provide free education. He urged students not to compete with one another about the expensive dress labels they wear but with education, diplomas and degrees they acquire at institutions of higher learning.

The leader of the EFF went on to say that free education was a promise of the Freedom Charter which the ANC has failed to implement.

“They are now promoting drugs and alcohol abuse by not offering you free education because when you are placed out of school the only option you have is to go to alcohol and drug abuse. Under the EFF government, the doors of learning will be open for all, drugs will not be easily accessible so that when you are bored there is no any other option, you must go to school because schools must be fashionable,”he concludes.