The EFF is spoiling for a rematch with government’s “bouncers”.

The EFF’s party’s general secretary‚ Godrich Gardee‚ on Friday morning vowed to “beat highlights out of the bastards” after his party’s members were ushered out of Parliament by them during the state of the nation address the night before.

The protection services were ordered to remove the Red Berets by speaker Baleka Mbete after almost an hour of disruptions derailed President Jacob Zuma’s speech.

When asked on Radio 702 if members were hurt‚ Gardee replied: “Big time. The members were very much injured‚ some are in hospital.”

He accused the officers of heavy-handedness‚ saying: “As a matter of fact‚ those bouncers in white T-shirts are not only there to remove members‚ they are also there to assault them‚ during…I mean‚ when we are out of the camera‚ when we are out of the chamber‚ on the corridors‚ up to the exit of the precinct‚ members get beaten.”

Gardee added: “They kick our members‚ they beat our members and we are going to deal with it.”

When pressed to elaborate on what he meant‚ Gardee replied: “It can also include a street fight because we can recognise them. If we meet them in the corner somewhere in Parliament‚ we just beat the highlights out of the bastards.

“When you meet a person who beat you‚ you start the fight again‚ if you are strong enough to start it.”