Another clarion call has been made by the Economic Freedom Fighters on May Day, in the spirit of solidarity.

“This vision is that ultimately true freedom from capitalist exploitation is where the means of production are socialised to benefit society as a whole‚ and not just a few families‚” the party said in a statement on Monday.

“The colonial apartheid legacy of job reservations‚ cheap labour system and under-education has not been uprooted. Majority of black workers continue to earn slave wages without any opportunities for educational development.

This is in particular the case with farm‚ mine‚ domestic and retail workers‚ including petrol attendants and security guards.”

The EFF says workers are still subjected to “precarious” contracts where they work permanently as temporal workers without benefits such as medical aid and pensions.

“The government of the day has done nothing to change these conditions and has only satisfied itself with looting the public purse whilst dividing workers and destroying their trade unions with factionalism that only benefits the career opportunities of politicians.

“We declare that only through the unapologetic implementation of the EFF Seven Cardinal Pillars that include nationalisation of mines‚ banks‚ the expropriation of land without compensation‚ free quality education and healthcare‚ will genuine workers freedom be realised in our country.”