The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng has vowed to stop the provincial government from establishing the open tender system in the province.

The fighters made this known in the Gauteng legislature after Finance MEC Barbara Creecy told members of the legislature that the open tender system would become law in the province come 2017.

Lending weight to the party’s assertion, EFF MPL Mandisa Mashego argued that the open tender system has done more harm than good, not just to the blacks alone but to the masses at large.

She disclosed the tender system has not only failed to address inequalities but has also failed to create the much-needed jobs in the country’s economy. In addition, she said corrupt individuals and cronies of the ANC use the tender processes as an avenue for state corruption and state capture.

“Remove the tender system. It is just a waste of our time. Abolish the tender system which exploits black people… establish a state construction company‚” Mashego stated.

However, Finance MEC Creecy flawed Mashego’s claims, maintaining that the open tender system goes a long way in helping people who are into small businesses in Gauteng.

“Public procurement is playing an important role in developing the basic capabilities of small companies‚ including township enterprises‚ to participate in and benefit from growth processes.

Because we are doing this transparently‚ ethically and with integrity‚ we are facilitating equality of opportunity and economic inclusiveness‚” Finance MEC Barbara Creecy insisted.

Earlier, Gauteng Premier David Makhura reiterated his government’s commitment towards enhancing and fostering an equal-based open tender system.

He told participants at the first Gauteng Open Tender Seminar in Midrand that by 2018/2019 the Gauteng government hopes to achieve 100% open tender procurement.

Makhura also downplayed claims that state contractors who are awarded tenders often bribe their way into “corridors of power”. He promised that the provincial government will uphold transparency, accountability, and credibility once the open tender system is established.

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