Carte Blanche has reported on the severe mismanagement of funds in the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality, which is not in a sound financial state.

As covered by TimesLive, the municipal manager of the area – which suffers from power and water shortages – does not seem concerned about the financial problems, after spending R90‚000 on fried chicken after his appointment.

The municipality has resorted to selling fire engines, road graders, and refuse trucks of late to pay off its debts, while its streets are full of pot holes and litter.

While this was taking place, municipal manager Chris Magwangqana spent R90‚000 on “catering” – which was KFC.

Carte Blanche presenter Derek Watts asked Magwangqana about shocking state of his town, and how budget could be allocated to buying KFC.

Magwangqana stated that “if you compare to what we spend each month on cleaning the town and township‚ that R90‚000 is far less than what we spend”.

The municipality is reportedly responsible for Komani‚ Tarkastad‚ Sterkstroom‚ Molteno‚ Hofmeyr and Whittlesea.