“While the ANC’s failure to win an outright majority in some of the country’s metropolitan municipalities‚ that has been under its control since 1994‚ represents a strategic setback for the ANC‚ it would be a mistake to exaggerate the? nature of this political crisis‚” said Cosatu’s secretary general‚ Bheki Ntshalintshali.

He said Cosatu viewed the ANC’s lack of support in the context of the unfolding ?and persistent economic downturn of global capitalism to which semi-peripheral countries such as South Africa are vulnerable.

“This has made it easy for counter-revolutionary forces like the DA to mobilise the people.”

Ntshalintshali discouraged the ANC from considering entering into coalition with the “racist” DA.

“Cosatu wishes there could be a re-run [of the elections] in the cases where the ANC decides to enter into coalitions. We want the ANC to only enter into principled coalitions. We do not expect the ANC to work with the DA. We do not want a coalition with racist political parties‚” he said.