Pres. Zuma has asked for an urgent meeting with the leaders of the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

This was revealed on Tuesday‚ the same day that Cosatu made a public call for Zuma to step down as president‚ saying that he did not have the necessary skills to lead the country.

“Cosatu no longer believes that the president is the right person to unite and lead the movement‚ the alliance and the country‚” said general secretary Bheki Ntshalintshali on Tuesday.

Federation leader S’dumo Dlamini‚ speaking after the party’s special central executive committee meeting at its headquarters in Johannesburg‚ revealed that Zuma had phoned him early on Tuesday.

“I wish this call could have come on Thursday last week because it would have saved the federation from this situation that we are now in. But we have to note that that call is important and [we] have to listen what the president will say‚” he said.

“I then said‚ ‘Yes president‚ ngiyakuzwa (I hear you) but let me go and consult the collective leadership of Cosatu which is what we are doing right now as we speak’‚” said Dlamini.

Asked whether or not the federation would retract their call for Zuma to step down‚ Dlamini said they would “consider” that option.

Cosatu‚ meanwhile‚ urged members of the African National Congress to reject a call by opposition parties to vote with them in a proposed vote of no confidence in Zuma and partake in a march to Luthuli House.

“We call on our members not to support any march to Luthuli House because we view that as an act of provocation. We also call on the ANC MPs to refuse to be led by the opposition party and remember that the movement was given a mandate by the electorate in 2014‚” said Ntshalintshali.

“We do not support the regime change agenda that wants to topple the ANC from power. We will never march with the DA and its friends. The only march we will join that will be led by the DA will be if they are going to Cape Town to call for Hellen Zille to reign‚” said Ntshalintshali.

His remarks come as Western Cape premier‚ Zille‚ faces disciplinary action over her social media remarks about colonialism.