The number two citizen of the country Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa has heavily criticised the state of African National Congress (ANC) leaders, saying the party’s top brass must rebrand themselves.

He has, however, dismissed concerns that the party is headed for a split.

Ramaphosa addressed ANC and South African Communist Party supporters at the Moses Kotane memorial lecture in Rustenburg in the North West on Sunday.

Ramaphosa told supporters that when he met with ratings agency moody’s on Friday, they told him they were concerned that the party’s factional battles would lead to a split.

Accoding to him, “I looked them in the eye sternly and said, ‘It shall not happen.’”

But he suggested the problem is with the party’s leaders.

“We must rebrand our movement, but we must also rebrand ourselves. We must look at ourselves.”

Ramaphosa told supporters he will give himself to the nation at the ANC conference, promising them he will walk and talk like Moses Kotane.

He says while he is confident the party won’t split, work must be done to unite it.

Meanwhile, the Gauteng ANC says the fact that some leaders are campaigning ahead of the party’s leadership conference is an unhealthy political situation.

Ramaphosa has been speaking regularly to ANC branches, eventhough president Zuma has tendered his support to his ex-wife Dlamini Zuma

In another twist, Gauteng ANC’s provincial secretary Hope Papo says people should be following the instructions of the ANC’s national executive committee.

Papo says he’s not talking specifically about Ramaphosa or Dlamini-Zuma.

“It’s not only them. There have been various people who are said to be available for leadership of the ANC.”

Hence, Papo says the Gauteng ANC’s branches are discussing the right leadership combinations ahead of December but won’t make those discussions public yet.