According to the Department of Trade and Industry, they said that the purchase was justifiable since it falls under the limit set for official government car purchase;

“The dti is of the view that the purchasing of the two vehicles for Minister Davies at the tune of R1.26M does not amount to extravagance.

“R1.26 million for two official vehicles to serve the official duties is well below the amount as prescribed by the ministerial handbook”, the R1.26 million for the two official vehicles is within the limit of the purchase of one vehicle”

“The vehicles that Minister Davies were using, had exceeded the 120 000 kilometres and one had done nearly 200 000kms and its use…” …was deemed to be in violation of security regulation and transport policy for Executive Authorities”

“In the process leading up to the purchase of the two vehicles, care was taken to ensure that there was no extravagance……associated with the purchase of the official vehicles for Minister Davies.”

“Minister Davies choice of the vehicles purchased promoted local content as both vehicles are manufactured locally.The dti is therefore of the view that the purchasing of the vehicles does not amount to extravagance”