The  public agitation as well as the ANC outrage for immediate punishment, led to a critical assessment and contextual evaluation  of  outspoken DA politician, Helen Zille’s  tweets. The messages revealed  her perspective to the party’s disciplinary committee saddled with the highly controversial matter.


The series of altercations, emanating from several twitter messages generated lots of political and historic discourse; leading to several calls for commensurate penalty. The brave Zille brought a historic text to parliament to justify her position.

Accordingly, some members of the panel found the content  harmless and posited that it was probably intended to elicit a turn around of the SA economy, borrowing examples from Singapore.

The issue from all indication, may have been laid to eternal rest after some members of the DA spoke very highly and in honourable fashion about  Zille and dismissed the facts that the public interpretation of the female politician’s messages ever represented her great personality.