Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is up on its plans to end one of South Africa’s greatest nightmares-  the State Capture issue.

Being one of the 25 civil society organisations working together to find a lasting solution to the daring issue of state capture, Kathrada Foundation says it’s about finalising its plans ahead of the National Shutdown.

The Kathrada Foundation said the planned programme of action on State Capture which will kickstart on Mandela Day, July 18 on the title “For the Future of South Africa”, will have the issue affecting the country tabled before over a thousand delegates expected to be present.

This will put pressure on president Zuma and his cronies, and also will take a look at immediate steps to halt state capture and put power back in the hands of the people.

“The SA we live in today is not a dream – it is a nightmare. And we intend to stop that nightmare by ending state capture and looting, restoring respect for our constitution and beginning to rebuild SA,” the foundation said.

“These issues are clear to all of us who are here today: the SA we are living in is not the one that liberation movements fought for.

“It is not the SA, full of promise, that we began shaping after the 1994 elections. It is not the SA envisaged in our constitution.”

Kathrada Foundation is also expecting South African youths, women, labour, business, faith-based groups and activist organisations such as Save South Africa, Section 27 and Outa to join the decisive discussion.

Among other of its actions, Kathrada Foundation said August 7 was chosen for the National Shutdown so as to send a message to members of the parliament ahead of the No-confidence Vote on Zuma scheduled for August 8.

“As an immediate step, we will be discussing a national shutdown for August 7, the day before Parliament debates the motion of no confidence, and calling upon all members of Parliament to vote according to their conscience in the motion of no confidence in Zuma – whether the ballot is open or secret,” said the foundation.