The official opposion party, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has called for the suspension of Hawks spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, after he received R3 million from the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) to build a sports centre in Limpopo.

The DA had recently questioned the funding to Mulaudzi, considering that the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC) had recently handed over evidence related to the Denzhe Primary Care scandal to the Hawks for investigation.

The party said the NLC have come nothing of short with controversy after multiple cases of corruption, maladministration and nepotism were uncovered.

In a statement on Tuesday, DA MP Mat Cuthbert said Mulaudzi should be suspended until an internal investigation into the matter was conducted.

Cuthbert said the DA has seen a report conducted by Forensics for Justice into Mulaudzi and his foundation’s alleged misuse of funding received from the NLC.

He said “In this report, it is alleged that Mulaudzi is complicit that he colluded with senior officials at the NLC to secure the funding and the reason for obtaining this funding was to ‘fundraise on behalf of his local ANC branch’.

“Also that the funds intended for the sports centre were spent on items unrelated to the actual project itself, such as the purchasing of mini-bus taxis and kickbacks paid to NLC officials”.

The MP further said it was “worrying that the Hawks was investigating the NLC, which could derail the entire investigation into large-scale looting at the commission.”

“One has to wonder whether or not these revelations have impacted on the Hawks’ ability to investigate, charge and arrest those implicated in corruption at the NLC.

“Therefore, considering the serious nature of these allegations, as well as the several unanswered questions related to this matter, the DA calls on the Head of the Hawks, Godfrey Lebeya, to suspend Mulaudzi until an internal investigation is conducted.

“The integrity of the investigation into corruption at the NLC needs to be maintained so that those guilty of stealing taxpayers’ money can be put behind bars.”

Meanwhile, Lebeya has since reassured the public that Mulaudzi was not involved in investigations.

In a statement on Sunday, Leneya said “May the public rest assured that [Mulaudzi] is only focusing on our communication matters and is not involved in investigations”.

“Without confirming or denying as to whether [Mulaudzi] is suspected to be involved in the allegations at hand, the current investigations reported by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition are handled by the Serious Economic Offences unit, under the supervision of a Brigadier and a Major-General.”

Lebeya also said the senior managers conduct their investigation without fear or favour. “The members of the Hawks are aware of this principle.”