Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on state officials not to use public funds to support their private ventures and friends.

The Deputy President was speaking at the Limpopo Provincial Economic Summit over the weekend.

Ramaphosa said that economic emancipation would be realised through the minerals, tourism and agricultural industries and not by politicians looting the country of its wealth by enriching their friends.

He added that both the public and private sectors would need to work to expropriate the sectors for the benefit of the economy.

The deputy president didn’t shy away when he said that state officials should not support their friends in private businesses on the expense of public funds.

He urged all present at the summit to work towards a common goal.

“Out of this summit must come a greater resolve to implement the decisions that you would have come up with,” said the Deputy President.

Ramaphosa said that corruption was the root cause of the country’s ailing economy and called on government, the presidency and business leaders to find ways to fight it.

The summit aimed to develop the provincial and national economy.

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