Against the backdrop of May Day disaster, the ugly incident has continued to incur the strong reactions from prominent South Africans, including the presidential hopeful and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says that he visited the Shembe Church on Tuesday to pray for the troubled ANC and its leadership.

“We are asking all churches to pray for the ANC and government and its leaders because we are going through a tough time,” Ramaphosa told media.

He was speaking at the home of the Prophet of Mduduzi‚ “Unyazilwezulu” Shembe‚ in Empangeni on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast.

Speaking on the ANC he said “things are not what we would like them to be”.

When asked on his thoughts on President Jacob Zuma and ANC national chairperson Baleka Mbete being booed during May Day rallies on Monday, Ramaphosa said the matter would have to be discussed”As we know, Cosatu was not particularly happy with arrangements made with May Day rallies.

“The matter will be discussed with ANC and Cosatu and the whole alliance. We have been through much worse than this and will be able to discuss this to build and strengthen the alliance.”

During his address to thousands of Shembe congregants, Ramaphosa said: “I came here for two things; to learn about iNkosi Shembe and also to ask that you keep the ANC and the government in your prayers because you have seen that things are not looking good.”

He highlighted how Zuma couldn’t deliver his speech on Workers Day.

“That alone shows that there is a lot that is not right in our communities. Please pray for the country, the government and the leaders because things are not looking good at all. I have seen for myself today that indeed Shembe is the way.”

He also commended iNkosi Shembe, a former leader of the church, saying he had worked closely with one of the ANC’s founders John Dube.

“What I also love about this church is how you care about the community. I commend you on that. I wish the ANC can also continue to take care of the needs of the people of South Africa for them to have a better life.”