Mmusi Maimane, the Democratic Alliance (DA) leader said he is willing to align with any party or person ready to bring President Zuma down.

After the recent cabinet reshuffle that saw former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan get fired, there have been countless calls for President Zuma to resign.

Maimane specifically called on top ANC politicians who are not happy with the way Zuma is running the country to come join forces with the DA and help force Zuma out of office.

Addressing DA supporters who paid him a courtesy visit earlier this morning, the DA leader said his party is willing to work with anyone who is ready to make Zuma resign especially the ANC.

He urged the likes of Ramaphosa, Nzimande, Mantashe, and ANC MPs to be brave and come up against Zuma.

Recently, the country has seen some kind of marriage between the DA and EFF, but this time, Maimane is trying to reach out to the ANC inner caucus.

If they accept the proposals, we could be seeing a possible coalition of the DA, EFF and ANC-Anti Zuma camp.

Yesterday, Concourt treated the case of secret ballot vote of no confidence on Pres. Zuma. The Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete is opposing the motion.

Some are asking why the referee of a game is already taking sides citing Madam Speaker’s refusal.