The most accurate exposé about Hani’s assassination that I have ever read was in the book “South Africa’s brave new world; The beloved country since the end of Apartheid” by veteran journalist R.W. Johnson…who was a former anti apartheid activist by trade…

From pages 17-51 you can read all about who was really behind the Chris Hani assassination, namely ex President Thabo Mbeki and Defence Minister Joe Modise.

At the time, Chris Hani, whose real name was Martin (he stole his brother’s name to get a false passport…as you know they look alike), was very popular amongst the masses as the leader of MK and the SACP.

He was going to become either the Vice President under Mandela instead of Mbeki and then succeed Mandela or he was going to become the Minister of Defence, snatching all the Arms Deal contracts to replace the Navy and Air Force’s old equipment to the tune of R70 Billion after years of sanctions.

Joe Modise, a ganster (The Spoilers) ran a stolen car racket between SA and Zambia at the time. He was also involved with diamond and money smuggling (arrested in Botswana) and drug smuggling (Cocaine, Mandrax and Ecstasy together with the Shariff Khan family of Johannesburg) and weapons smuggling ( 1985/6 he sold an ANC arms cache near Saurimo in Angola to Apartheid ally Dr. Jonas Savimbi who was also a sworn enemy of the ANC).

Joe Modise was also a feared double agent.

If you were from the ANC and you crossed him he would set the NIS agents on you.

If you were from the Police or National Intelligence Service and you crossed him, he would get the ANC terrorists or his township gansters to assassinate you.

Modise and Hani crossed swords long ago back in 1967 at the ill fated Wankie campaign in former Rhodesia when the ANC’s MK tried to set up a Ho-Chi-Min trail to South Africa through Rhodesia.

Chris Hani wrote a scathing attack to the ANC leadership, naming Modise by name as non-caring and an agent of the Apartheid regime.

Modise responded by trying to get Hani executed.

Hani survived only because Oliver Tambo saved his life.

So he already tried to execute Hani once.

There is an old saying that one always meets a rival twice in life, and so it was with Modise and Hani.

They met again in 1993 when Modise sold off another ANC arms cache to the tune of $2.5 million to criminals, pocketing the money himself and not telling the ANC.

Chris Hani found out about it, confronted Modise and said that if he was not going to inform the ANC, he (Hani) would. Two weeks later Hani was dead. Derby-Lewis and Januz Wallus were small cogs in this big machine.

They were first time amateurs and totally out of their depth in a time when the Stasi, the KGB, the ANC’s intelligence, the former NIS from SA and major Arm’s companies moved into South Africa and wanted to do business at the expense of the white taxpayers of South Africa.

Today, 23 years later we are still paying off this arms deal debt whilst our Grippen Fighters, Meko Class Frigates and 209 Class Submarines rust away under the corrupt ANC regime. Out of their indulgence, the ANC president Zuma has built himself a palace and an entire village for his five wives and 20 odd children, whilst we barely eek out a living and battle to keep our children in school.

Twenty years later, the echo of the shots that downed Chris Hani has not died away…

The President still has more than 700 cases of corruption against him about that arms deal, that was swept under the NPA carpet.

The clock is ticking and I can tell you one thing…the ghost of Chris Hani is still walking today and he will not rest until he has exposed his real assassins.

Ghoudina Maria Crous