Its no longer news that lots of Ford Kuga has been catching fire lately and they have been a massive panic among those who owns it.

A woman in Durban by the name of Natalie Barrass listed her own for sale on an online listing site, but instead of getting questions like the price, see what she got below;

One of the site users wrote “Huh uh no thank you….they go kaboom!” said one person, while another said: “Ford said the engines are overheating, now back to the owner of this post, why are you selling us a tombstone?”

Barrass said that she can’t seem to sell it as it will be difficult to sell and also not getting a good deal at Ford to trade the car for another one;

“I was shocked at how harsh some people can be. But I am stuck. I cannot get a good trade-in on my vehicle from Ford, and the chances of selling it privately are also slim. I love my vehicle, and not sure what my rights are as a consumer in this whole issue,” said Barrass.

“Soon after I heard of the fires, I asked my husband to check my car, and alarmingly we found a very brittle pipe. I did not drive my car for a week. I was so scared and I cannot be driving around with a potential hazard and two young children in the back seat. We took it back to the dealership where I bought the vehicle brand new, and they said there were fine hairline cracks in the water coolant (bottle) and the pipe was very brittle. That whole system had to be replaced with a system that’s fitted in the newer models.”

“I am shocked at what they offered. I do little mileage, and to try to sell privately is difficult. I feel owners are being placed in a terrible position for something that is not our fault, and Ford should take more responsibility in this matter.” She said

Source:- IOL