Change in South Africa is possible but will have to be done without the ANC government‚ says Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane.

Kicking off the party’s #Change19 National Tour in Atteridgeville in Pretoria on Saturday‚ the DA leader said that the ANC under Jacob Zuma did not want change as this meant having to give up what they had in order to gain something else.

“And this ANC has worked too hard to set up a network of corruption where everyone benefits. Where tenders go to friends‚ where cronies become billionaires and where the kickbacks flow like water.

“They’re not going to give any of this up‚” the DA leader said.

“The good news‚ my fellow South Africans‚ is that there are enough of us to change this country without the ANC. We are everywhere‚ we just need to find each other,” he stated.

Maimane said the ANC wanted people to accept that the economy could not grow at even half a% a year‚ that South Africa had the highest youth unemployment rate in the world‚ and that more than a third of its people could not find work.

“According to the ANC they have done all they can do‚ and we must just tough it out until things get better.

“Well let me tell you‚ I refuse to accept any of this.

“I know we can tackle and beat poverty by creating opportunities for people to become truly financially independent.

“I know we can change. But I also know we are going to have to do so without this ANC government,” he concluded.