Three alleged burglars looses their lives in a crash on the M3 highway near constantia in a Toyota corolla stuffed with stolen household goods

The suspects who were driving on the wrong side of the road and also at a high speed car chase with  a private security company and the suspects believed  to have been involved in a burglary in diep river, Police spokesperson lieutenants colonel Andre Truant confirmed

“On the M3 the suspects drove their Toyota corolla on the wrong side of the road and collided with two oncoming vehicle, three suspects succumbed on the scene and one was admitted to the hospital in a serious condition” he said

While inspecting the vehicle, the paramedic found four men lying helplessly and trapped, unfortunately three of the burglars were already dead as a result of the fatal injuries they sustained, and nothing could be done for them.

“The occupants of the other vehicles- a mother and a child and a man in the other vehicle were admitted into the hospital with minor injuries.

The cape town city traffic services spokesperson Maxine Jordaan said the outgoing has been closed at ladies mile, while one lane has been closed on incoming side.