Very strong, profane and virulent languages are cascading the space of parliament right now.Agang MP Andries Tlouamma on Tuesday compared those who vote to keep President Jacob Zuma in power to murderers.

“Those who will vote for Zuma are worse than those who killed Ruth First and Chris Hani‚” Tlouamma said.

He was addressing MPs ahead of the vote on the motion of no confidence to held against Zuma.

The vote was to be held through a secret ballot.

Tlouamma chose a poetic approach to drive his point across‚ saying “Zuma was beyond redemption” and he “could win awards in prison”.

He begged MPs to vote Zuma out‚ saying he could no longer stand to see him in the National Assembly.

Should Zuma survive this mission‚ “we are on the highway to hell‚” he said.