It was a wild celebration in the Zimbabwean capital Harare after the sudden announcement of the result of no confidence vote in South Africa parliament.

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe received the news of his long standing friend President Jacob Zuma with a great sense of joy and pride, according to his official spokesperson to George Charamba.

Mugabe had earlier yesterday  at his Hilltop mansion in Harare frowned and strongly condemned the fact that his South African counterpart was put under immense pressure and distracted from attending to the great task of rebuilding the rainbow nation.

He noted that governance was a mysterious phenomenon to many viewing from the outside and until a person who criticises government policies and action experiences the huge burden of leadership he will always live and remain and addicted critic.

He however noted that what is bedeviling South Africa currently is no different from his own political ordeal back home in Zimbabwe.

He therefore advised his friend at Luthuli House  to be consoled that the good people of South Africa were solidly behind the him and should therefore not be defocused from the genuine tasked of making his country great again despite unwarranted distraction from the fierce opposition groups.

In his final remarks, the aging Zimbabwean leader urged all opposition parties in South Africa to conduct themselves responsibly in the spirit of sportmanship.