There is nothing in the Constitution that suggests a president must be elected or removed by way of a secret ballot, President Jacob Zuma has said.

Responding to a Constitutional Court application by the United Democratic Movement, Zuma questioned involving the court in the motion of no confidence against him, which was initially due to be debated on Tuesday, April 18.

The debate has since been postponed to allow the Constitutional Court process to finish.

“There is no implied or express constitutional requirement for voting by secret ballot for a motion of no confidence. The applicant [UDM] further asserts that the absence of a secret ballot undermines the purpose of the no confidence motion. I deny this is so,” the president said in his affidavit.

Responding to the UDM’s assertions that there was no possibility of a motion of no confidence succeeding without a secret ballot, Zuma said the applicant could not resort to judicial intervention where the majority party legitimately exercised its rights and powers.