The president is certainly in another vicious haul of court indictment, after little known Sowetan born  human rights activist Bokani Mathas got  aggrieved and infuriated that the court has not satisfactorily dished out commensurate penalty of jail time to the incumbent president, even when the president acknowledged having unsolicited canal pleasure of the victim suffering from HIV-positive.

According to Mathas, the traumatized victim suffered psychological pains and public shame, which  led to her sudden demise, shortly after the disgusting affair, but justice is still hanging in the balance several years after.

In a telephone conversation with, the furious activist noted that he has exhaustively prepared and taken his case against the president and will stop at nothing to obtain justice for the voiceless. He stated that the judiciary must rise up and give Khwezi’s memory a clean bill of health:

” The unpresidential conduct of president Jacob Zuma has tarnished the global image and reputation of the country and if timely justice is not served, the nation will be seen as a laughing stock among the committee of democratic countries of the world”

For him, it is not too late to have a post-mortem justice for the poor innocent Khwezi who was defiled and killed, through the reckless and wanton abuse of presidential powers.

The comrade eventually made a clarion call to the conscience of the country’s justice system by echoing: Remember Khwezi, remember Khwezi, remember Khwezi….