When the security agents turn around to hunt helpless officials, it only gets rogue, hideous and unbelievable. The South African court is ready to cross examine former national police commissioner George Fivaz who will testify in the Western Cape High Court on Monday, in the sophisticated trial focusing on a top policeman that Nelson Mandela chose to head an elite presidential investigative unit.

In the light of this, if he was called as a witness, it would be his first time testifying in the current matter. Fivaz had testified in previous, related court cases.

Hinnews.com gathered that the current case had been brought by Major-General Andre Lincoln.

The huge Fivaz’s testimony was expected to touch on several high-level investigations from two decades ago. It could include a probe into an alleged assassination plot targeting Madiba at the time.

In 1996, Mandela tasked Lincoln with leading a presidential investigative task unit to investigate Vito Palazzolo, a Cape Town-based Italian mafioso and his links to government officials, police, and businessmen.

He was arrested when criminal allegations against him and others in the unit surfaced. Lincoln faced 47 criminal charges and was convicted of 17 in 2003. He appealed and was acquitted of all the charges.

Lincoln is now claiming R15m in damages from the minister of safety and security now the minister of police for alleged malicious prosecution.