According to the blunt statement, the ANC have lost legitimacy and trust in the current crop of deceitful and misleading so called ‘leaders’, who have succeeded in  tearing the country apart and embolden the race card to further polarise the already divided nation and hide behind the veneer, whilst violently raping the charred remains of South Africa. These were the cold words by some veterans and party stalwarts.

Speaking to at the venue, the  stalwart in the party have spoken clearly without compromising their values. Furthermore, to drive home their unshaken position in the current political turmoil and distrust, the Disgruntled ANC stalwarts and veterans are intensifying their strategy and also shedding light on plans to boycott the ruling party’s consultative conference, after their pleas for a special stand-alone conference have fallen on deaf ears.

A member of the ANC rises to address Morobe and ask a question, but Morobe reminds him that this is a media conference and he is taking questions from the members of the media. The group emphasised that things were going bad from the top, and many are just feigning complicit silence. The revealed that their initial trust has eroded from the administration.