And the grand conspiracy and complicity thrives unabated in the country, evil over good.  AmaBhungane and Scorpio say that the decision to nominate a man who has never been a South African citizen to the board of what is effectively the country’s PR firm is surprising.

AmaBhungane and Scorpio have revealed that the Gupta brother sat on the board of the government-funded entity for a full decade, even though it appears that he contributed very little.

Questions have been raised about Ajay Gupta’s role as a board member of Brand South Africa in the latest leaked emails about the controversial family.


The investigative team also highlights that from the notorious Gupta’s wedding in Suncity in 2013, the family’s activities have attracted a great deal of negative international media attention.


The latest leaked emails show that Gupta was appointed to the board of Brand South Africa in 2006, with his term ending 10 years later.

It also suggests that as a board member, Gupta had access to confidential strategy documents, close communication channels with the minister of communications and invitations to board strategic planning sessions involving guests, like the national police commissioner and CEOs of state-owned entities.

Brand SA says the current board of trustees does not have a non-South African and that all trustees are appointed by the president.