A group of about 500 white South Africans marched to Church Square in demand for lands and the respect of the Kruger Statue as reported by the Citizens

According to Schalk van der Merwe who is the National Conservative Party (NCP) chief While addressing the protesters in Afrikaans at Church Square, in Tshwane, said that a “vast majority” of white people were tired of EFF leader Julius Malema and crime in the country.

“We are tired of Malema, tired of crime and tired of the killing of white people, and most importantly we want our land back,” said Van der Merwe.

“We as Afrikaners demand that our cultural heritage be respected and that the Paul Kruger statue stay at Church Square, where it has been since 1954.

His party appears not to have a website and it’s unclear why he is a “chief whip” since they are not (yet) represented in parliament.

He also took to Facebook to explain why he went to the square to protest.

“Early this morning, we headed down to Pretoria CBD to go and remind Steve and Die Volk that all murders are the same, and that one is not more important than the others.

“When Steve started speaking, I thought that I would first listen, because maybe I was wrong, and maybe he was not going to single out the murders on farms, but sadly … he did, and I had to object.

“This was of course after he made some references to me being a EFF member (which I am not, I just support their socialist views) and calling Julius Malema & Co Werfbobbejane.

“So Steve & Die Volk, please let this be a reminder for you that white South Africans, are not by default part of your narrow minded click.

“We do recognize that all crime are equal, both black and white are suffering.

“We do not agree with you calling the EFF Leaders and members werfbobbejane, we do not agree that whites are somehow more special than the other inhabitants of South Africa.”