The Leader of the Economic Free Front ( EFF) Julius Malema said that the only reason why some South Africans are yet to be educated, is because they were failed by the system. He said this while speaking to party faithfuls yesterday while on a visit to detained student activist Bonginkosi Khanyile, at the Westville Correctional Services Centre in Durban.

He also said that education is a threat to white people. His reason been that when you’re educated who is going to be a domestic work and provide cheap labour for white people;

“If we can challenge the system and make more people educated, then economic freedom is going to be achieved.”

“It is threatening white privilege, white supremacy and capitalism because when you are educated, who is going to be a domestic worker in the house of a white man? Who is going to provide the cheap labour?” Malema asked to loud cheers.

“An educated person would have used all the methods in the book to reclaim the land. They would have fought for the mines, the banks, financial sector and for everything important in the economy.”

“We don’t want our children and grandchildren to be uneducated. We want an educated South Africa, we want to be like Zimbabwe, an educated Zimbabwe.

“The same Zimbabweans that are working for you. The same people that you look down upon, they are well educated, more than you, their employer. That is why they understand the land question more than anyone else.”

Zimbabweans might be poor today, “but they know that the future looks bright, when the illegal sanctions are removed, our land will produce those fruits and they fruits will feed the entire continent”.