Baleka Mbete staged a walkout on MPs after telling them that she wants more money to run parliament.

Mbete said the budget afforded to Parliament is “totally inadequate” and the institution has been meeting with the Treasury in a bid to rectify this.

She was speaking at the Joint Standing Committee on the financial management of Parliament.

She said there was not enough money in the budget to be doing the work Parliament should.

“As an example‚ in other parliaments‚ one MP has ten support staff. And that is just for one MP.”

“Where we are now is totally undesirable‚” she said.

Secretary of Parliament Mgidlana who has been accused of abusing power told the committee that “there is a mismatch between the intentions (of Parliament) and the resources we need“.

He said to do “serious oversight we need a whole lot more“.

He said that Parliament required more support staff‚ better technology and funds to ensure the work of Parliament reached South Africans.

“This is a broken organisation that needs to be fixed‚” he said.

Mbete‚ who arrived late for the meeting and left early‚ raised the ire of DA MPs Steenhuisen and Mike Waters because she did not answer questions because she had a flight to catch.

As they left‚ ANC MP Amos Masondo shouted that it was a “planned walkout“.