President Jacob Zuma has finally broken the silence over the controversial State of The Nations Address.

The response is coming after  a week of the chaotic incident where the opposition made several releases, berating the conduct of the President and members of the ANC. According to the President:

“The majority of members of Parliament understand the serious responsibility that they have been entrusted with and conduct themselves in a manner that gives hopes to South Africans.

However, some MPs have decided to treat this august House like something worse than a beer hall,” said Zuma. “The conduct we saw in this House traumatised millions of South Africans as well as 12-year-old Given Lubisi who came here to impress members of Parliament and the nation with his artistic skills.”

The President advised MPs restore dignity to Parliament’s two houses – the National Assembly and National Council of Province.

“We again appeal to those MPs and parties that have taken a decision to cause mayhem in the House to use the available democratic mechanisms to express themselves within the bounds of decency and decorum,” said Zuma.

“As adults, we can disagree ideologically, but we should not lose track of the national interests.”