In commemoration of Women’s Month which celebrates the strength of women and aims to raise awareness about violence against women‚ Black Coffee has come out strongly in an attempt to encourage change among men.

“Fellow South African men…let us not be quiet about rape. We are the ‘lol’ generation….people don’t speak out even when they see something wrong instead they’ll be quick to ‘lol’ it’s really sad‚” he said on Twitter.

The internationally renowned DJ stated that even though Apartheid played a major role in the mindset of the older generations of men‚ it needs to change and be stopped.

“We one day need to realize that Apartheid played a major role a breaking most South African Men…and no this is not about the President. Most of our Fathers and Uncles didn’t have time to be fathers and care hug‚ and kiss their own kids. They didn’t know how.

Black Coffee believes that men were always angry and subsequently took it out on their wives.

“Most of them were always angry and they will take it all out on their wives…who then accepted this behaviour as it was a norm. Most girls that are raped tell their Mothers but Mothers were thought to be silent…’kuyabekezelwa‚’” he said.

Black Coffee added that it’s time for men to start talking about these issues‚ which he hopes will help build a strong generation of future men.

“We as men need to create groups talk‚ teach and learn coz this new South Africa is really a new thing to all of us.It us really up to us. Let’s Start talking at home and everywhere else….Let’s talk to each other not about each other.”

 Source:- Sowetanlive