Zuma assaulted, heckled, booed, insulted and abused by SA youths in Ventersdorp North West on Friday during the Youth Day Celebration.

Angry residents expressed unhappiness over his visit to the area‚ saying he had come to “lie” with no programme to change the lives of the people.

A local resident Meleko Mejave said:

“We are people less equal than others. I got a statement that I owe the municipality R400 for a service that they never delivered to me. It is useless for him to be here. As useless as he is‚ there is nothing that he is bringing here.

“He is going to lie to us from there. Atul Gupta decides what to do [and] where the money is going to go. R16-billion has gone to Guptas in contracts. That R16-billion was supposed to be put for service delivery for our people. We are unemployed. We are uneducated because there is no plan for a school…‚” he said.

On Friday‚ Zuma addressed the June 16 celebration in Ventersdorp at a time when a lot of the youth are facing serious unemployment and struggle to access education.

The country is also battling to combat a rise of violence against women and children which has captured headlines over the past three months.

There has also been a lot of criticism of the ruling party following the leaked Gupta emails which revealed how the influential family secured business in state-owned entities.