The Western Cape ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has asked that the waiter who profiled two customers according to their race on a bill keep his job.

Speaking at a press conference at the restaurant on Friday, ANCYL regional chairperson Unathi Tshotwana said;

“We allowed the young man not to be fired, because the ANC Youth League is a champion for young people.”

“We have pleaded that he gets a warning and gets training because in our meeting with him he has shown remorse. He was very sad and embarrassed about the hurt that he’d caused the community and Bungalow.”

“As you know that it is two days before Christmas, we don’t want a young person to stay without a job.”

The Regions ANCYL  also agreed that the management of the restaurant did well by suspending him;

“We are pleased with the management that has undertaken the disciplinary of this worker,” Tshotwana said.

“We cannot allow race to [affect] how we relate to one another,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter who has done wrong or who is the race that has done wrong.”

“People must not be identified according to their race – whether it’s two whites or two Muslims.”

Tshotwana said the ANCYL is planning an anti-racism benefit and concert at The Bungalow next year. It was not immediately clear if the restaurant had agreed to this.

“We as the black, the white and the Muslim, we need to unite and come here. Occupy Camps Bay, occupy Clifton.”