President Zuma has been under some intense pressure to resign after his midnight cabinet reshuffle. Some ANC top officials publicly criticized the act.

According to a political commentator Justice Malala, If a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma should be subjected to a secret ballot, the ANC will be forced to recall Zuma before the motion is tabled in the National Assembly.

If the ConCourt gave the secret ballot the green light, Malala said the ANC would recall Zuma before the matter was tabled in Parliament, to save its embattled president the embarrassment of being voted out of power by the opposition.

Justice Malala was speaking at the University of Johannesburg’s leadership seminar in Joburg on Monday.

Several ANC MPs have told Hinnews Media that they would vote against Zuma if the motion was subjected to a secret ballot.

There are serious warnings by senior party leaders that the ANC would likely lose the elections if it failed to address internal challenges such as factionalism, among others.

Malala said that Julius Malema’s “kingmaker status” will be enhanced in 2019. Malema’s EFF helped put the DA in charge of the metros of Joburg and Tshwane, following last year’s watershed municipal elections.