Following SA general election come 2019, Malema have it that the ANC must step aside should they lose the election and more importantly allow more proper investigation into the activities of the party.

“They will probably manipulate and manoeuvre their way into winning, like they did last time. They allow foreigners into the country, then encourage them to build shacks and in the hopes that they will help them with the votes. Its basically scamming, the foreigners use South African Identity Documents to vote for the ANC, were they fell short of votes”.

Every ballot box should be numbered ad escourted to ad fron by at least two opposition parties. To stop ANC  bribing people to add votes.and all ballot papers at all stations should have area sequence no papers 1 to 786 were issued at station 6 so boxes from that station can only have 786 ballot papers and station 6 on boxes.