The African National Congress’ National Disciplinary Committee has suspended Western Cape provincial chairperson Marius Fransman for five years.

A statement issued by the ANC today, disclosed that the National Disciplinary Committee found the Western Cape provincial chairperson, Marius Fransman, guilty on two counts of misconduct

The decision comes as a result of the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him by Louisa Wynand earlier this year.

Furthermore, says the ANC, Fransman made “public statements which brought the ANC into disrepute”.

“The NDC said that the charged member showed no political understanding of one of the fundamental objectives of the ANC viz. the support for and advancement of women’s emancipation,” the party says. “As a provincial leader in the ANC he should have known about the triple oppression of South African women.”

The party notes that Fransman “deliberately mislead the public” when he claimed he was unfairly treated prior to his disciplinary hearing, saying that he was well informed and had no reason to complain.

“Discipline is the glue that holds the ANC together,” says the ruling party. “There is no room in the ANC for leaders and members, irrespective of position or seniority, who show scant regard for the values and objectives of the ANC and who consciously choose to define themselves outside the organisation in breach of their membership oath.”

The NDC further indicated that Mr. Fransman, being the provincial leader in the ANC, should have known about the triple oppression of South African women and the giant strides being made by the ANC to accord women their rights and help them to overcome their oppression.

Furthermore, it notes, Fransman did not turn up for his hearing, and has not shown any remorse for his actions.