An ANC NEC member, Mathole Motshekga said President Zuma must be compelled to be honorable, ANC must ensure he honorably falls and let Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa complete the term as the president of the country.

His call for Zuma to step down as the leader of the country was unveiled in a letter the Sunday Independent newspaper published.

The letter titled ‘The Honorable Thing To DO’ demanded that the ANC leadership convene an urgent NEC meeting where they’ll ask Zuma to do the honorable thing and assist him in whatever way possible to facilitate his resignation.

The ANC NEC member lamented that the ANC can no longer count on Zuma and his conscience while he proclaimed Ramaphosa the right man to take over from Pres. Zuma.

He said: “the founders and ancestors of the ANC will judge the current leadership harshly if it fails to ask President Jacob Zuma and those implicated by the State Capture report, to do the honourable thing and let the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa complete the term…

President Jacob Zuma, like all of us, is a fallible human being. He has no inborn entitlement to the Presidency of South Africa. If he has committed errors of judgment or violated the law and/or the code of ethics, then the law must be allowed to take its course.”

Also, Motshekga rebuked the call for the entire ANC NEC to resign arguing it isn’t the right course of action.

“It would be irresponsible to ask the ANC NEC to resign, dissolve government, and leave the cabinet leadership in a chaotic manner,” he stated.

To Motshekga, ANC leadership is in a situation where it must now choose between Zuma and the people of South Africa.