On Tuesday, President Mugabe proclaimed that killers of white farmers in Zimbabwe won’t be prosecuted for the crime.

The 93-year-old President acknowledged that many white farmers were killed in Zimbabwe after his government introduced its land reform policy.

Uncle Bob said that the white farmers lost their lives because they resisted the government. Thus, it’s pointless to prosecute those who murdered them.

He reportedly said:

“…We have those who were killed when they resisted (land reform policy). We will never prosecute those who killed them…”

For that and other reasons, AfriForum has decided to hold Mugabe accountable for his “crimes” against humanity.

The civil rights organisation is carrying out investigations that will help decide the appropriate actions to take against the Zim President.

AfriForum has instructed an international criminal law expert, Prof Hennie Strydom to come up with an opinion piece on steps the Forum can take to charge Robert Mugabe with a crime against humanity in the International Criminal Court.

AfriForum specified that the decision was inspired by Uncle Bob’s proclamation about the killing of white farmers. Speaking, the Deputy CEO of the forum said:

“AfriForum is of the opinion that President Mugabe’s actions constitute a crime against humanity.

The organisation is currently considering various options … to charge President Mugabe in the International Criminal Court, the United Nations’ Security Council as well as the African Union.”

AfriForum is also agitating that Mugabe’s wife must not be allowed to undermine the South African justice system.

The agitation is over the criminal charge brought against Grace Mugabe’s by a lady she allegedly assaulted in South Africa.