24.  Full name Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa.

23.  Cyril Ramaphosa was born on the 17th of November 1952 in Soweto223.  Cyril Ramaphosa is the second of the three children of Erdmuth and Samuel Ramaphosa, a retired policeman

22.  In 1971 Cyril Ramaphosa matriculated from Mphaphuli High School in Sibasa, Venda

21.  Cyril Ramaphosa subsequently registered to study law at the University of the North (Turfloop) in 1972

20.  While at university, Cyril Ramaphosa became involved in student politics and joined the South African Students Organisation (SASO), and the Black People’s Convention (BPC)

19.  After his release, he became a law clerk for a Johannesburg firm of attorneys and continued his studies through the University of South Africa (UNISA), where he obtained his B. Proc. Degree in 1981

18.  After obtaining his degree, Cyril  Ramaphosa joined the National Council of Trade Unions (NCTU) as a legal advisor

17.  Ramaphosa was conference organiser in the preparations leading to the formations of the Congress of South African Trade Union (COSATU). He delivered a keynote address at Cosatu’s launch rally in Durban in December 1985. In March 1986 he was part of COSATU’s delegation which met the African National Congress in Lusaka, Zambia

16.  Ramaphosa was elected as the first General Secretary of the union, a position he held until he resigned in June 1991, following his election as Secretary General of the African National Congress (ANC)

15.  When Nelson Mandela was released from prison, Cyril Ramaphosa was on the National Reception Committee

14.  After he lost the race to become President of South Africa to Thabo Mbeki, he resigned from his political positions in January 1997 and moved to the private sector, where he became a director of New Africa Investments Limited. He came in first place in the 1997 election to the ANC’s National Executive Committee.

13.  He officially became a candidate for the Deputy Presidency on 17 December 2012 and entered the race with the strong backing of the Zuma Camp, on 18 December 2012, he was elected deputy president of the ANC. Cyril Ramaphosa received 3 018 votes, while Mathews Phosa received 470 votes and Tokyo Sexwale received 463 votes.

12.  Among other positions, he is executive chairman of Shanduka Group, a company he founded. Shanduka Group has investments in the Resources Sector, Energy Sector, Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, and Telecoms (SEACOM)

11.  He is also chairman of The Bidvest Group Limited, and MTN. His other non-executive directorships include Macsteel Holdings, Alexander Forbes, Standard Bank and SABMiller.

10.  In March 2007 Cyril Ramaphosa was appointed Non-Executive joint Chairman of Mondi, a leading international paper and packaging group, when the company demerged from Anglo American plc.

9.  Cyril Ramaphosa is regarded as one of South Africa’s richest men, with Forbes estimating his wealth at $675 million

8.  Among others, Cyril Ramaphosa has received honorary doctorates from the University of Natal, the University of Port Elizabeth, the University of Cape Town, the University of the North, the National University of Lesotho, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of Pennsylvania

7.  In October 1991, Cyril Ramaphosa was a visiting Professor of Law at Stanford University.

6.  In 2004, Cyril Ramaphosa was voted 34th in the Top 100 Great South Africans.

5. He was included in the 2007 Time 100, an annual list of 100 men and women whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world.

4.  In his role as a businessman, Cyril Ramaphosa is a member of the Coca-Cola Company International Advisory Board as well as the Unilever Africa Advisory Council.

3.  Cyril Ramaphosa was also the first deputy chairman of the Commonwealth Business Council.

2.  Along with the ex-president of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari, Cyril Ramaphosa was appointed an inspector of the Irish Republican Army weapons dumps in Northern Ireland. Ramaphosa is the Honorary Consul General for Iceland in Johannesburg, South Africa.

1.    Cyril Ramaphosa is married to Dr. Tshepo Motsepe and they have four children.