The price of petrol is on the rise again, but by following these steps, u will make every step count.

10. Service your vehicles regularly. Things like worn spark plugs, sticky brakes, low coolant levels, dirty oil, and dirty fuel/air filters all add up to engine inefficiency, which leads to increased fuel consumption.

9. Check your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Bad wheel alignment causes more friction, which takes more power to overcome and results in higher fuel consumption.

8. Check for underinflated tyres, as these increase resistance.

7. Close the vehicle’s windows when driving, as open windows cause drag.

6. Reduce the vehicle’s weight by removing unnecessary items from it.

5. Reduce drag by removing roof racks and other accessories when they aren’t in use.

4. Don’t “floor it”like Vin Diesel. Instead rather accelerate gradually and as smooth as possible.

3. Don’t speed. The faster you go the more wind resistance you will encounter and this means burning more fuel.

3. Avoid stop-starting. Maintain momentum as far as possible by looking and planning ahead, flowing with traffic and timing your approaches to hills, traffic lights and crossings better.

2. Drive at the lowest speed in the highest gear that the road and traffic conditions allow, without labouring the engine.

1. Use the air conditioning only when necessary.