Nature has created numerous natural foods that can help us maintain our good health, detox it and prevent numerous diseases. Thus, it also contains foods which can help you unclog your arteries and promote heart health.

These foods are the following:

10. Green Tea.


This tea is rich in catechins, which impede the cholesterol absorption during digestion. Therefore, the consumption of 1-2 cups of green tea will prevent the blockage of arteries and enhance the blood-lipid levels. It will also stimulate your metabolism, promote heart health and help you lose excess weight.

9. Pomegranate.


Pomegranate includes phytochemicals which have antioxidant properties and prevent damage of the lining of arteries.  Its juice triggers the production of nitric oxide, which keeps the arteries open and supports the blood flow!

8. Turmeric.


Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and it alleviates inflammation, which is the greatest cause of arteriosclerosis — the hardening of the arteries.
Therefore, its introduction in your regular diet will reduce the risk of blood clotting and it will lower the damage to arterial walls.

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7. Avocados.


You can add some avocado to your burgers and sandwiches, instead of mayo. According to researchers, it daily use will improve your blood cholesterol, as it will reduce LDL, and elevate HDL cholesterol levels.
The latter helps the arteries to prevent obstructions!

6. Broccoli.


Broccoli is high in vitamin K, which prevents calcium from damaging the arteries, and it also includes fiber, which reduces blood pressure and cholesterol.

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5. Asparagus.


This natural artery-clearing food will promote cardiovascular health as it prevents blood clots and reduces blood pressure. It is high in minerals and fiber, and vitamin C, B2, K, B1, and E.

4. Spirulina.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae which effectively regulates blood lipid levels, and is rich in proteins which include all essential amino acids for an optimal health. It stabilizes the blood pressure and relaxes the artery walls, and at the same time, balances the fat levels in the blood.

3. Cranberries.


Cranberries are high in antioxidants, which lower the LDL and elevate HDL cholesterol levels. The daily consumption of the juice of cranberries will lower the risk of heart disease by 40%!

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2. Persimmon.


Persimmons are abundant in antioxidants and polyphenols, which lower LDL and triglycerides. They are also high in fiber, which helps the regulation of blood pressure and maintains the arteries clean.



This delicious spice can help to reduce cholesterol levels while clearing out plaque and preventing further build-up. Cinnamon is full of antioxidants which improve cardiovascular health by protecting blood from oxidation.
Sprinkle some in your coffee, on your toast, or on just about any other food to spice it up a little and reap the benefits.

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