President Jaob Zuma is not perturbed he never went to any school whatsoever, but today he is the president of the land. He made this declaration while addressing students: You know, if I tell people I never went to school, they don’t believe it!” said Zuma in sharing his story of forging an education for himself despite limited opportunities.

“Not a single teacher in South Africa can claim he ever saw this forehead of mine in his/her class. Never!” he declared, chuckling.

“I never went to school because I had problems, but I took a decision to educate myself.”

Zuma suggested that he was not intimidated by those who received a formal education. “Tell me today, you are educated, I don’t care. I am not worried,” he said.

The relaxed-looking president, dressed in a dark suit and red polka-dot tie, said that because he studied for “knowledge, not for the examination,” he retains all his information.