South African Police Service (SAPS) has done another wonderful job worthy of commendation. The rate of crimes in South Africa is getting out of hand and lots of people depend on the police for safety and protection.

SAPS revealed that Crystal Meth worth R9 Million was discovered in a flight from Lagos to Cape Town.

The drug was confiscated at Cape Town International Airport.

“Lost and found had a total different meaning for a drug dealer when his luggage was discovered by police at the Cape Town International Airport…

The passenger arrived in Cape Town earlier in the week on a flight from Lagos via ORTIA, and failed to collect one of his bags, which then made its way to the lost and found section.

Failure of the passenger, whose particulars are known, to collect his bag raised the suspicion of authorities and upon further investigation, it was found that the contents was Crystal Meth weighing 26 kg with an estimated street value of R 9 Million,” SAPS said in a statement.

The suspect is yet to be arrested.

Crystal Meth is one of the many drugs that’s plaguing South Africa. The drug is known for creating a false sense of well-being and energy.

Those taking it normally push their bodies further than required. With that, users often experience a severe, physical and mental breakdown after the effects of the drugs wear off.

Crystal Meth users often experience irreversible harm ranging from increased heart rate and blood pressure to damaged blood vessels in the brain.

This does cause strokes and irregular heartbeat that can, in turn, cause cardiovascular collapse or death; liver, kidney and lung damage.