A 26-year-year old Nigerian was murdered in cold blood in his car citing fears of another possible Xenophobic attack on foreigners.

According to Charles Ezeanozie‚ elder statesman for the Nigerian Union South Africa in the Western Cape, Chimezie Oranusi was shot in Strand last Sunday.

”Oranusi was in his car with a friend when gunmen forced their way in and opened fire for no reason. He managed to drive with the bullet wounds for a few kilometres until he (crashed) his car‚ slumped over and died,” said Ezeanozie.

Ezeanozie said the attackers followed them and finished their rounds on him to make sure he is dead sparing the South African woman he was with.

The attackers did not demand anything or take anything. Some are saying the motive for the killing could be related to recent Xenophobic attacks on foreigners. The woman in the vehicle was shot but survived.

Night club owners have pleaded for help from the City of Cape Town as their establishments become battlegrounds in an alleged escalating battle for control between protection syndicates.

The City of Cape Town mayoral committee member for safety and security‚ JP Smith‚ said two recent shootings and “brawls and skirmishes” between bouncers and “security guards” from rival protection rackets would take a toll on the local economy and tourist numbers.

Ezeanozie said the union is also concerned that in less than a month three Nigerians have been killed in Cape Town.

He called on the minister of police to look into the murders as a serious concern and save the lives of foreigners. .